#16 The Mother Hustle with Ylorie Taylor

Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of.
– Charles Spurgeon

There are times the #MotherHustle extends far beyond juggling play dates, date nights, and board meetings. Sometimes it involves managing circumstances that bring you to your knees and make you question the very foundation of everything you knew to be true in life. What do you do when your faith is tested, your soul is weary, and you can’t form the words to speak? You build. You birth the thing that gives you a glimmer of hope in your darkest hour in hopes that one day the test that the enemy meant to take you under will be the VERY ROCK you stand on once you have overcome. And that’s just what she did

So, what is Ylorie Taylor made of? No fear, only faith.

Join us for our first installment of the Mother Hustle series as we sit down with Ylorie Taylor {@browngirlmktg}, #Mompreneur and Vice President of Marketing for @Edenbodyworks as she gives us her tips, tricks and testimony.

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