#10 Who Asked You: The Best (and Worst) Advice We Never Asked For

Join us this week as we tackle unsolicited parenting advice.

You are a new(ish) mom so naturally everyone in the world knows how to raise your child better than you do, right? Moms, how often do you get unwanted parenting advice? How often does someone who doesn’t have children have the audacity to try to advise you on how to raise your child? Unsolicited parenting advice is akin to light skinned Aunt Viv, we know you mean well but…just don’t! Keep your trap shut unless the child’s life or mom’s life is in danger. Motherhood is hard enough without all the comments from the peanut gallery. So if you are tempted to give unsolicited parenting advice, pause and think twice, before someone puts the momma bear paws on ya.
You know you are a SUPER mom so just tell the nosey people just to stay the hell back! #JJFadvoice

#9 Sealed With a Kiss: Advice You’d Give Your Child

Cue the Aaliyah because I’m writing you a four page letter…

Have you ever written a letter to your younger self? Have you ever written a letter to your child or future child? What did it say? Motherhood often awakens our spirits and inspires words we never knew we had. Join us this week as we write a virtual letter to our children and drop all the gems we want to instill in our children. As usual, we go from zero to Brooklyn real quick.

#8 Happy Father’s Day Special

In honor of Father’s Day we declare that all dope dads get the big piece of chicken and must listen to this week’s episode of #HeyMaPodcast dedicated to all the dope dads in our lives…kidding but not kidding.

#7 Invisible Bully: Henry the Hater

What’s beef? Beef is when the Gooch is on the loose in your preschooler’s classroom and your child is telling you the kid hit them. Join us this week as we discuss classroom bullies and how to course-correct early in the game…before someone (hint: Shantelle) catches a case.

#6 Motherhood Tax

Patron Saint Beyoncé said we’re strong enough to have these babies, then get back to business…she ain’t say nothing about getting paid less to do it either!

Join us this week as we discuss the ugly truth about the #motherhoodtax women are paying in Corporate America as we try to have both the career and the family. Studies show that #mothers are more likely to be denied merit based raises and be passed up for promotions even while being strong performers. So the next time someone tells you women, especially mothers, get preferential treatment in the workplace, open your strong pimp hand and smack the sh*t out them.

Men lie women lie numbers don’t…

#4 The Ken-dos and Don’ts of Building Self-Esteem in Your Little

As women, we are constantly adjusting our crowns, but what about the crowns on our little ones? Emotionally well-rounded kids that can navigate the world of f**kery is SO necessary; and whether boy or girl there is no place for #emotionalcondoms in this dancery! Join us on this episode as we adjust Queen MJB’s crown while sharing tips for building self esteem in our littles.

#3 My Thug is Gone / The Milk’s Gone Bad

When the hashtags go from #thuglife to #momlife you know motherhood has set in and Shakara is in her feelings about it. Join us this week as we mourn the loss of our pre-motherhood shenanigans and share tips on how we use everything from inspirational quotes to Daniel Tiger songs to help us remain sane and sucker-free.

#2 Swipe Right to Co-parent / The Mother-In-Law Challenge

Damn! Damn! Damn! In this episode we try to help Shantelle (aka “apple head”) learn how to successfully navigate through the mother-in-law challenge. How hard could it be to turn her “Mama Payne” into a Mother-in-Love? Also will you be swiping left or right on the new tinder-like app which matches people with potential sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogates.