#13 So You Think Your Kid Has Talent with Sharra Dade

In the days of social media we are bombarded with clips of insanely talented kids who are literally giving us LIFE and they are barely beyond the age of a fetus. How many times have you wondered if your little one really has what it takes to make it big in whatever their “ministry” is? Have you ever watched one of those darling kids on Ellen and thought, I know my kid can do that!

What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of seeing the world. Some see a world of working the runway, others sing songs in the key of life before they are old enough to read music.

This week we chat with Sharra Dade, realtor, acting-coach, and #momager to über-talented child actor, Alyssa Cheatham as she shares her experiences and a personal lesson in how to tune your ear, heart and mind to be open to exploring your children’s gifts and how to manage care for self in the process. Enjoy.

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