#11 Accomplishment or Nah

The Book of Proverbs says a man who finds a wife, finds a good thing but the Book of Bey says build your empire and live your life before you even consider marriage…

Join us this week as we discuss the age old debate, is getting married and having a child an accomplishment? Let’s just cut to the chase, the whole argument that a woman is not accomplished if she doesn’t have a man or child to share in the spoils of her hard work is beyond TIRED and misogynistic. However, being an awesome loving wife and mother may be your version of living your best life, and that’s awesome too. Cool, as long as you aren’t settling for a 4:43 for the sake of being a Mrs…. we say rock out!

We here at HeyMa! value living your purpose and experiencing mutually beneficial loving relationships, whatever that looks like for you..but what we won’t do is perpetuate the false dichotomy that you have to choose either family or hustle or the false narratives that continue to prevail about what success looks like for women.

So ladies, affix your crowns and let’s discuss.

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