#10 Who Asked You: The Best (and Worst) Advice We Never Asked For

Join us this week as we tackle unsolicited parenting advice.

You are a new(ish) mom so naturally everyone in the world knows how to raise your child better than you do, right? Moms, how often do you get unwanted parenting advice? How often does someone who doesn’t have children have the audacity to try to advise you on how to raise your child? Unsolicited parenting advice is akin to light skinned Aunt Viv, we know you mean well but…just don’t! Keep your trap shut unless the child’s life or mom’s life is in danger. Motherhood is hard enough without all the comments from the peanut gallery. So if you are tempted to give unsolicited parenting advice, pause and think twice, before someone puts the momma bear paws on ya.
You know you are a SUPER mom so just tell the nosey people just to stay the hell back! #JJFadvoice

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